When Should You Begin Writing Your Essay Introduction?

Every student should have an outline before commencing any writing. Writing an essay is like any other academic task, where you should prepare to write consistently. At any given time, you should know every section of the paper you have to write. For instance, you should know the title of the paper, its requirements, and the requirements of the introduction section. When doing this, you should begin writing as soon as you have the previous info.

Having this info will save you a lot of time when starting to write. There are many reasons as to why students encounter challenges with their essay introductions. Some of these reasons include:


An essay introduction should be like a roadmap. It should introduce your essay topic and its scope of study.

A good essay opener should have a purpose. It should tell your reader what the essay’s topic is all about and what you plan to discuss in the essay.

In addition, it should have at least three basic parts. The introduction should state the aim of the essay, the thesis statement, and how you plan to expound on it. The main ideas you will use should appear in the essay. The first part, introductory paragraph, should state the importance of the topic. It should be the main argument of your essay.

Ignoring the Request

You can disregard a teacher’s instruction if you are not confident that you understand the required tone to use or the structure of the paper. In most cases, students assume every instruction given by their teachers. They ignore instructions, and later, it becomes difficult for them to produce a high-quality article.

After you have understood the instructions, you should compose an introduction that matches it. A student should write it as per the required tone and structure.

Misspelled or Incorrect Words.

In any essay, you can have misspelled words or even areas where the word is used incorrectly. Since you are writing an essay, you should be able to use correct words that reflect on the topic of study. However, students end up skipping this step, and in the end, end up getting several grammar and spelling mistakes, and have to redo the essay.

A Relevant Topic.

An essay introduction should present a topic for your writing. Discussing the topic and expounding on it should come first. Only then, should you proceed with the details of the essay.

Proper Tense.

Tense and tone go hand in hand. As you write, you should use both voice and tone correctly. You can switch the voice when the topic changes to match the tone and voice required for the paper.

An introduction should give the reader an overview of the subject of the essay. In this section, you will tell the reader what your essay is all about and the questions it intends to answer. The introduction should present a clear explanation of the intended goals of the paper.