Master theses are the final works of the second level of university graduate.

The task of the thesis is to deal with the given issue in depth, while in comparison with the bachelor thesis it is a quantitative and qualitative work at a higher level.

Similarly, the author is led by the trainer most often from a number of teachers, while the expert opponent, who, like the bachelor thesis (but with greater precision and difficulty), asks for a detailed explanation of possible ambiguities to defend the master thesis from the author, gets the thesis.

In addition to the more extensive theoretical part, the thesis also focuses on the research part, summarizing the results most often with the recommendation for further research practice.

In the thesis, the theoretical part is based on a much higher number of theoretical sources, while the emphasis is not only on a number of citations, but mainly on the number of sources from which it was quoted, respectively. given statement, which served as a theoretical basis for the thesis.

The master thesis, like the bachelor thesis, becomes the property of the university where the given research task was solved.