Each student must follow the methodology of writing a master thesis prepared by the faculty of higher education where he / she is studying the second level of university studies. The faculty directive must be obtained. The guidelines of individual higher education institutions and their faculties may differ in some respects.

As with any other university work, a student must demonstrate in the master thesis the ability to solve independently the topic of the topic he / she chose. He should respect his trainer and consult him on all important steps. Also, the student must demonstrate a basic orientation in the selected issue. The requirements for the master thesis are higher than, for example, in the seminar or bachelor thesis, with which the methodology of the master thesis is related.

It is preferable if the master thesis is rather experimental, but not every curriculum makes it possible to work in this way. Sometimes it is necessary to give the master work an empirical or documentary character.

The scope of the thesis

It is recommended that the master thesis should have a minimum of 60 pages and a maximum of 80 standard pages, which is 108,000 to 144,000 characters. The standard standard page has 1800 characters. The orientation of the work should of course be in A4 format.

Educational boundaries

Given the binding of the master thesis, it is necessary to keep larger margins. As a rule, a 3.5 cm discount is shown, 2 cm right, 2.5 cm right from the top. The default is 1.5 spacing and Times New Roman, just like any other work.

Other parameters of the thesis

The methodology of the thesis also includes the following parameters. Chapter titles should be 14 points, the remaining text and subchapter 12 points. Occasionally, 13 points are used for subchapters. If it is necessary to write citations or other important terms in the footnotes, it is necessary to keep the font size of 10 points.

In the final number of characters, all the text from the preface to the list of bibliographic references is counted. Of course there is also content, a list of graphs, tables or abbreviations, but also an introduction, a core and a conclusion of the thesis.