Some of the most common ways to type paragraphs are italicized or quoted. When type on italics, only the first word of the paragraph is highlighted. However, when italicized, paragraphs begin with two dashes and run to a full line. Hence, for italics to work, the closing head should have double spacing and line spacing. Paragraphs can be quoted when the end of the statement is quoted. For quotes to work correctly, the opening title of the paragraph must be capitalized and give credit for the source of the information. Any other formatting styles work equally well for italics or quoted fonts. Regardless of whether the style is used, all instances of italicized or quoted paragraphs should be consistent in tone, ideas, and sizing. Correctly Center ParagraphsIf you have been tasked to make a thesis statement while using italics in your essay, then don’t exaggerate the italics as they have no bearing on the main point of your essay. While most people do it automatically for them, make sure to check and confirm that it is done correctly before you put it in italics. If it is, then place it as follows: The sentence should be double spaced. The closing head should be in bold. Spacing between the head and the sentence should be double, and any other arrangement will interfere with the key message. While italicizing, you can utilize different measures to ensure that the text is written according to the right rules and style. You may want to use one bold margin or only one. Don’t use the same measure in all instances. Paragraphs that have one or two words or are close to the line spacing should use a single line. It is also possible to include a period after an italicized word. Placing bullets in italics also works perfectly. Paragraphs with three or more words or close to the lines should use a single space, and those with fewer words or half a line will use two or three spaces. Paragraphs with one or two sentences will use double spacing, and those with three will use one. This is because of the inconsistency of using bullets when there are only two or two sentences. Correctly Smooth ParagraphsWhile it might seem easy to quickly break into lengthy paragraphs using different techniques, it is easy to miss an excellent example for your essay. When setting the bold for the title on paragraphs, ensure that it is the first. Besides, any closing head should be in italics. When italicizing, ensure that your text is kept off-kilter by incorporating some line transitions. It is sometimes hard to read an italicized sentence when it runs straight into an opening. Avoid doing this by using smooth transitions that appear from one paragraph to another. Do this for every paragraph type and create a seamless flow.