The master thesis methodology also includes the process of selecting a topic that the student will process. Usually, the last January week of the year in question will be published by the relevant Department of master Themes. The student can choose from the topics offered, the one with which he most identifies. The tutor of the thesis is automatically listed for each topic.

The topic can also be free, and the student can think of her focus and title alone. Until the final submission of the master thesis, the student or trainer can change the topic and its title. However, all must be approved by the trainer, respectively. thesis supervisor.

Assignment of master thesis

In order to fulfill the principles of the master thesis methodology, the student must submit the assignment of the master thesis. Information about the transfer dates can be found at the relevant faculty websites of individual universities. The assignment is submitted in two copies signed by the job supervisor. They must meet the formal criteria set by the university. The assignment must be elaborated in cooperation with the supervisor of the master thesis.

Elaboration of master thesis

The student has to prove his / her orientation in the field of the program, which he / she wants to finish with a university degree of the second degree. He should demonstrate his ability to work alone, with the help of a supervisor. It depends on the agreement whether the job will be sent on a continuous basis, or if the trainer will see it all the way and then comment on it. However, even in such a process, the student should consult each trainer for which he / she is not sure enough to consult. The basic principles of the methodology are the same for all types of master work. It does not matter whether the work is experimental, empirical or even documentary.

Submission of master thesis

The master thesis must be submitted together with the application for the state exam and with the CD on which the pdf version of the thesis is submitted. The thesis is submitted in two copies. Licensing agreements are also important. One with the UK and the other with college. Each license agreement must be made in two copies. These licensing agreements are automatically generated by the school system. A license agreement is a copyright law agreement. The final work is a school work created by the student to fulfill the study duties.